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8 Ways the Selfie Generation Can Honor the Greatest Generation

I used to think dying in a fire would be the worst way to go. I now believe selfie-related deaths top that. Our self-obsessed culture has weighed on my mind in recent days as the world recognized the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the largest air, sea, and land operation in the history of war. On D-Day alone, Nazis killed nearly 4,500 Allied troops and injured many more. In one day. And I keep asking myself: Are we living lives that honor that sacrifice?

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Travel 2019: Where History Lovers Should Go to Avoid the Crowds

As a history lover, I’ve spent my fair share of time in cities like Paris, Rome, Berlin, and London. But I’m in the phase of my life where I like visiting the not-so-popular but still incredible destinations. If you’ve ever flipped through the magazine, Eat This, Not That!,  my travel recommendations for 2019 are a little like that. ‘Visit this charming village, not that over-crowded metropolis!’ Here’s the list.

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World War II: History to Know Before You Visit Berlin

World War I and II tore Europe apart and killed millions, 11 million at the hands of the nazis alone. For decades, Germany has attempted to atone for its sins, which is why historical tourism here is very important. Here is a quick and dirty primer to help you get your historical bearings before your trip to Berlin.

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