Welcome, you beautiful traveling soul. And thank you for visiting.  I'm Sarah, an American who's spent the better part of a decade traipsing around Europe for work and pleasure. Befriending locals for behind-the-scenes tours is my favorite hobby, and I'm sharing the insider travel tips I learn along the way with you 😊

I created the Postcard Academy podcast and blog not to annoy my parents with a pretend job, but to share interesting stories that will hopefully increase your chances of having an awesome vacation. Every week, I interview people who packed up everything to start a new adventure in another part of the world. We'll hear how they did it, and get their insider travel recommendations on the best food, nightlife, and cultural experiences in the most interesting places around the globe.

I'd love to hear from you. If you have a story idea or know a person or place that should be featured, email me. Don't forget to subscribe to the weekly podcast. ❤️ Sarah Mikutel


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Insider travel tips and advice from adventurous souls living the dream.