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8 Ways the Selfie Generation Can Honor the Greatest Generation

I used to think dying in a fire would be the worst way to go. I now believe selfie-related deaths top that. Our self-obsessed culture has weighed on my mind in recent days as the world recognized the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the largest air, sea, and land operation in the history of war. On D-Day alone, Nazis killed nearly 4,500 Allied troops and injured many more. In one day. And I keep asking myself: Are we living lives that honor that sacrifice?

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Berlin: Your Travel Guide to Europe’s ‘Poor but Sexy’ City

Berlin, Europe’s ‘poor but sexy’ city, is still recovering from World War II and the Cold War. The postcard? Think street art, low buildings, and people chilling in parks everywhere. There’s something for everyone, whether you like clubbing all night or hitting museums in the morning.

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