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Travel 2019: Where History Lovers Should Go to Avoid the Crowds

As a history lover, I’ve spent my fair share of time in cities like Paris, Rome, Berlin, and London. But I’m in the phase of my life where I like visiting the not-so-popular but still incredible destinations. If you’ve ever flipped through the magazine, Eat This, Not That!,  my travel recommendations for 2019 are a little like that. ‘Visit this charming village, not that over-crowded metropolis!’ Here’s the list.

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Glasgow, Scotland: the Best Pubs, Restaurants, and Places to See in This European City of Culture

For decades, Glasgow, Scotland had a reputation for being a down-on-its-luck former industrial hub. But the Glaswegians worked hard to turn their city into a world-class tourist destination with museums, opera, ballet, and more. In 1990, Glasgow was named the European City of Culture and since then travelers from around the world have visited to enjoy its cozy pubs, great restaurants — which include a lot of veg-friendly options, delicious food markets, designer shops, and, of course, cultural offerings. 

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