Arrivederci, Trastevere

Yesterday I moved out of my whimsical Trastevere apartment. I would love to have stayed, but I only rented it for, how long has it been? Five weeks? Six? Anyway, before I extended my Roman sabbatical, a French girl swooped in and rented my room. 

My room

My room

I’m really going to miss this crazy-ass place, with the plates on the walls and the most ancient, best-functioning toilet of any apartment in which I’ve lived. 

Breakfast. In Italian, still lifes are called ‘dead nature.’

The neighborhood. This image doesn’t really capture the liveliness of the area, but I like the spookiness of that building.

My new flat in Monti is not without its perks. I have air conditioning, my own bathroom, a flatmate who helped me move and a cat! Meet Tito.

Update on life in Monti! This is by far my favorite neighborhood in Rome, great restaurants and shops but a lot more local than Trastevere. Also, I come home tonight, so hungry my head hurts, and walk into the kitchen to discover my flatmate has cooked me dinner! The vegetables I bought were fading so he sauteed them for me. I ask who the cake is for and he says, “You, of course!” Well all right. All right, all right, all right. Torta di Riso+tea+final episode of True Blood=Perfect Night In. I love my Dolce Vita.

Torta di Riso