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#vanlife: Where to Go to the Bathroom and Other Van Life Tips and Essentials

Look up #vanlife on Instagram, and you’ll find nearly 3 million photos of perfect couples cruising through the desert or sipping beer on top of their VWs. But there are also many people who couldn't care less about Insta fame — they’re choosing to live in vans or RVs or old bread trucks because they want a simpler life. Fewer things. More experiences. Here's the beginner's guide to van life.

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How to Find the Cheapest Flights & Best Travel Deals in 2018

At 18, Cristal Dyer left Australia on her first solo trip, venturing to South America where she volunteered for a year. Since then, she's become a full-time traveler. She shared her secrets to finding the cheapest flights and other travel deals with the Postcard Academy. 

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