Zagreb City Guide: The Best of Croatia’s Capital

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Ashley Colburn is an American expat and Emmy award winning TV producer living in Croatia. While her home is in Istria, she spends a fair bit of time in Zagreb, and is living here while competing on Singing with the Stars (go Ashley!). She joined me on the Postcard Academy to share some of her favorite things to see, do, and eat in Croatia’s capital city.

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Ban Jelačić Square -- The main square.

Dolac -- Zagreb’s don’t-miss open market.

Tkalciceva Street -- A street full of bars, restaurants, and cafes that separates upper town from the lower town.

Upper town -- Take the funicular (called the Gondola) up to see the city’s oldest houses and cobblestone streets. You’ll also find parliament and St. Mark’s church.

Ilica Street -- Where Croatians like to stroll. The tram also runs along this long street full of shops that leads to the main square.

Cvjetni trg -- “This is a place where everyone gathers to have a coffee on Saturday morning,” Ashley says, “when everyone wears their like new outfits. It's really good people watching.”

Museum of Broken Relationships -- This sounds like a total downer but everyone I know who has visited this museum has said it’s a fascinating collection of stories and worth a visit.

Sarah Mikutel in Dubrovnik

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