Well, fancy meeting you here. If you’re the type of curious traveler who likes to slow down, get local, and experience a place with all your senses, the Postcard Academy podcast is for you. 

I’m your host, Sarah, an American who’s spent the better part of a decade traipsing around Europe for work and pleasure.

I created the Postcard Academy podcast to share stories of other people who packed up everything to start a new adventure in another part of the world. You’ll hear how they did it, and get their best insider travel recommendations on their adopted cities.

I primarily focus on female guests to challenge the cliché that women only travel when in crisis (think Eat, Pray, Love; Under the Tuscan Sun; Wild). The women who come on the Postcard Academy travel extensively and live abroad because that’s the life they love.

In my opinion, we’d live in a more peaceful and civil world if society prioritized exploration and empathy. Can you imagine if countries redirected a percentage of their military budgets toward exchange programs that sent all young people abroad? As nationalism and isolationism rise around the world, experiencing new cultures and meeting diverse people has never been more important. Travel is the most effective form of diplomacy.

Hopefully, subscribing to the Postcard Academy will help you enjoy more local, authentic experiences during your travels — and perhaps inspire a move abroad.

I’d love to hear from you. If you have a story idea or know a person or place that should be featured, email me. ❤️ Sarah Mikutel


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