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U.S. National Parks: How to Plan Your Trip

Like many expats I know, most of the travel I’ve done has been outside of my home country, the U.S. In fact, my European friends have seen more of the States than I have, and their wistful descriptions of the U.S. national parks have inspired me to plan a trip. 

Danielle Jacobs-Erwin, host of the podcast Everybody’s National Parks, joined me on the Postcard Academy to discuss the history of the National Park System; what we need to do to prepare for a trip the national parks; where to stay; what to eat; and more.

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A Perfect Day in Manhattan with Travel Expert Mark Ellwood

British-born Mark Ellwood is a fellow expat and travel podcaster who I’ve been listening to for a few years, first on Conde Nast Traveler’s Travelogue and now on Travel Genius. Whenever I hear him, I think, “This guy sounds like so much fun.” I knew he’d be the perfect guest to talk about the local experiences we should have in New York City.   

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