Time to Get Down to Business

OK. Enough messing around. I’ll improve my Italian if it kills me. I’m staying in Rome an extra month, taking private lessons next week and I’m looking for a new apartment so I can live with an Italian person (and be in a more interesting area). As for my flight, it’s a good thing my last one was cheap because the return was not refundable. I had to purchase a new one.

A while back I signed up for Fare Compare’s e-newsletter. The travel site recommended that people do not book flights near the end of the week because fares usually come down on Monday or Tuesday. So even though I knew I wanted to extend my stay for sure last Thursday, I waited to book my flight. I was biting my nails (not literally, my nails look quite lovely at the moment thanks to the nail polish that Alexis gave me for my birthday–thanks again!!) because this felt like such a gamble, but it paid off. On Tuesday, I bought my new flight on Orbitz and saved about $200.

Sarah Mikutel