Taking Precautions in Greenwich

There are 16,000 police officers on the streets of London tonight and while we still hear sirens and helicopters, things seemed under control as I was walking home from work. Hopefully they’ll stay that way! My mom didn’t want to risk going out tonight, but I insisted on at least getting takeout—I wanted chimichangas damn it! Actually, I wanted Indian food, but the place I planned on going to was all boarded up, like many other places tonight.

She met me at my office and we went to Greenwich, a rather upscale Bohemian neighborhood that looked like a ghost town this evening. Aside from a fish and chip joint and a Mexican restaurant, all shops, grocery stores, etc. were closed. My mom and I shared a margarita at Desperados, collected our food and got back on the train to go home.

My aunt asked me why people are rioting. A friend summed it up this way: In the Middle East, people are protesting for freedom; here people are rioting for plasma TVs. Pathetic.  

Desperados had a bit of a speakeasy feel.  


Sarah Mikutel