Salt of Life

Last week the Italian language club I belong to went to see Salt of Life (Gianni e Le Donne–not a direct translation of the title at all) at Curzon (near Market Tavern, where we went to drink after). I liked the film, but I loved the star/director, who was in the audience for the London premier. The movie is about men getting old in Italy and how they are in complete denial of the aging process. There’s one scene in which a woman the star has a crush on says she dreamed he was her grandfather and he nearly dies. After the film, Gianni hopped on stage to answer questions and I immediately thought, “Will you be my grandfather?” He had the warmest smile and was so enthusiastic about being there and about his work. I’m definitely checking out the prequel, Mid-August Lunch (Pranzo di Ferragosto), and recommend you Netflix it!