Return to Reggio!

I jaunted off for a weekend in Reggio and had such a great time visiting my friends (Aleksandra, me, Elena, Annalisa, Elena M.). Friday night began with aperitivo at Cafe Europa and then dinner here at Casseruola.

Followed by more drinks.

As I usually get around by public transport, I frequently got carsick on this trip. We had to make an emergency stop at the McCafe so I could get ahold of myself. I had help eating this, in case you’re wondering.

I stayed with Annalisa’s family. This barn is next to her parents’ house and Annalisa and her boyfriend have plans to rebuild on this space.

I met little Iris, Annalisa and Marco’s daughter, for the first time! There is a much better photo of us, but I love this one.

Pumpkin soup! We had a dinner party and Annalisa made pumpkin soup with balsamic and parmesan, as well as spinach pie. I contributed vegetarian tacos and there was also tiramisu. The next day we managed to bake an apple pie, despite our inability to find apple spice or canola oil in the store.

Annalisa and Christian. 

Annalisa, Elena M. and I had tea at Pasticceria Torinese, Reggio’s place for fancy afternoons. Wistful sigh…