Frankie's Court Street Brooklyn

Rachel and I had dinner at Frankie’s Friday night. The weather was perfect, so we sat in the garden and drank rosé (well, I had rosé. Rachel does not believe in it and had white) in the garden until our table was ready.Frankie's bar/kitchen area

We both enjoyed the gnocchi and shared the chocolate tart for dessert. Frankie’s offers sandwiches on their dinner menu, which is both rare and fantastic and, based on the fresh bread they gave us, I’m sure they’re delicious. Rachel also ordered an espresso and said it’s the best she’s ever had.


closet of some sort

We loved the tin roof (get that B-52s song out of your head) and wooden décor. Carroll Gardens is our new favorite nabe.

Oh, and we took photos all night as if we’ve never had access to a camera. To the left, Rachel + wine. To the right, the lowest doorknobs ever. That’s where the gnomes live.

Below, what we passed on our way there (in addition to new and renovated buildings)

3rd. St. Gowanus

3rd. St., Gowanus

And on our way back down Union St. All aboard Rachel’s Geriatric Express! Cut out the photos and make a flip book. 

Sarah Mikutel