Day of Service and Remembrance

I absolutely love that President Obama signed into law the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, which federally recognizes Sept. 11 as an annual National Day of Service and Remembrance. What better way to honor the victims than to work to improve the country we love? To help others and give thanks for what we have?

“As a 9/11 family member, I cannot think of a more inspiring, appropriate and constructive tribute to my late brother and all those who perished, were injured or rose in service – to rekindle at least for one day each year the remarkable spirit of compassion and service that unified our country,” says co-founder and vice president Jay S. Winuk, whose younger brother Glenn J. Winuk, an attorney, volunteer firefighter and EMT, died in the line of duty in the collapse of the World Trade Center. “This groundbreaking national service legislation will greatly benefit the nation in so many meaningful ways as we face these challenging times.”

Of course, there are ignorant cranks who hate this idea and the Village Voice offered this humorous blurb about the “traitors” who will participate in a United We Serve event today. “Clearly [actor Gary] Sinise has been brainwashed by Obama’s food-bank agents. Is there no depth to which he will not sink in his mad quest to reward our enemies with canned goods?”

Sarah Mikutel