Birthday Thanks

Thank you to everyone for another fantastic birthday that stretched two weeks. Not my cake. But another cake my grandmother did actually make.It began with an Italian feast at my grandmother’s, complete with her famous whipped cream cake—and the eating hasn’t really stopped.

ThiefAfter treating me to a pedicure at Dashing Diva, Sarah treated me again to dinner at Pepolino, where the waiters are real Italians who drive motorinos. As you can see, Rachel tried to steal one, as always.

Later that week, my mother visited and took Mom and Rach at Joe'sRachel and me on a food tour of the West Village. Literally, a tour where you just walk around and eat! Had the guide offered more historical anecdotes, it would have been perfect, but still, it was a great tour that included Amy’s Bread, Joe’s Pizza and Murray’s Cheese.

This photo belongs in the previous paragraph, but there is no room.We were bursting by the end of the walk but recovered in time for dinner at Buttermilk Channel, where I ordered the cheddar waffles (as good as they sound), which came with asparagus and mushrooms. The manager (owner?) thought we waited too long to get our meals and so she sent us free peach cobbler for dessert (free food is pretty much all it takes to garner a return visit from me). We then walked home in an 80-mile-an-hour wind storm that knocked down 100 trees in Central Park. Fortunately, we made it to the apartment before the downpour, which surely would have swept away our flip flops in the flooding of the sidewalks.

Wait a minute. I completely messed up this story. The day before my birthday, I returned to Dashing Diva with Mom and Rach for a manicure, then to Buttermilk Channel. The food tour was the next day on my actual birthday. Not that you care about any of this.

Al Di La. My arm is much slimmer in real life.Anyway, on my actual birthday we went to Al Di La, where I had the best meal I’ve eaten at a restaurant in a long time (Grandma’s cooking still beats restaurant). Rachel and I both ordered the corn tortelli and we all shared the polenta and Swiss chard (which I only ordered to be healthy, but it turned out to have a surprisingly nice flavor and texture). We had no room for dessert, but later Rachel and Mom sang Happy Birthday while I ate leftover chocolate chip Challah from Amy’s.

Oh, no. I’m not done. Another cake awaited me. The following weekend I visited Lacey and Jay and sweet little Addison. We ordered Mexican and drank wine and watched My Life on the D List. They then surprised me with an ice cream cake, which we ate while playing The Office Trivia Game. I was Jan. I won.

Thanks again for the great food, books, beach trips, Italian DVDs, fun and everything else! My birthday is over. Summer is over. But here’s to a good fall.

Sarah Mikutel