Sometimes I take my mellowness too far. I just got back from a manicure when I should be on my way to the airport. And now I’m blogging for heaven’s sake! And I spent this morning jogging through the park and then inexplicably went grocery shopping (help yourselves to the food roommates!). At some point I decided that packing a bag of some sort would be a good idea, so I accomplished that. Oh, and yesterday I sublet my room! The key/money exchange went down in a somewhat shady deal at the doctor’s office. My replacement handed me a wad of twenties in the waiting room and I slipped her the keys. I didn’t meet her at the doctor’s office; I found her online, so that means she’s totally safe. All right, I’m going to get take out and then I’m really going to the airport. Thanks to Brian Christiansen for setting up this blog for me. Arrivederci!

Sarah Mikutel