And Speaking of Missing Children

As I was running through a wooded part of Prospect Park today, I came upon an old man playing a banjo on a bench. A little boy nearby clapped in accompaniment and up ahead, a couple pushed a stroller. I thought it was nice of them to walk so slow so that their boy could listen to the music a little longer. I kept running with my headphones on until I noticed a woman trying to say something to me. In a foreign accent she asked, “Have you seen a child? A little boy with a blue shirt?” I said yes and she looked scared and hopeful and said her husband had been looking for him. I’m guessing they’d been at the nearby green market, which can get crowded, and the boy slipped away. I tried to assure her that her son was OK and was just listening to music, but she was understandably frantic, so I ran with her until she could see him. I’m glad this story had a happy ending. I’m still so upset by that story in California and how our country continuously fails to protect children.

Sarah Mikutel