Windsor Castle, Pizza East

On Friday, my friend Yupeng and I went to Windsor Castle, one of our favorite pubs, to celebrate my new job (more on this later). Supposedly Thomas Paine is buried in the basement, though this idea actually weirds me out and is not one of the reasons I like this place. Why I do like it:

“Inside it is creaking wooden wonderland, full of cosy alcoves, wooden settles and panelling, and hidden rooms. Divided into three areas, customers have to navigate through a series of partitions, small, hidden doors and original oak screens in order to make their way from one section to the next. It’s not large inside so you may need to share a candlelit booth with strangers, or to drag a couple of spare chairs in front of an open fire in a bid to get space, but this is all in keeping with the snug, intimate feel of the tavern. (more)”

We’ll usually get a glass of wine (I love how you can get a decent glass of wine in the pubs here, unlike in the States) and sit inside or go to the back garden. That day we went out front in time to see my friend Dana bicycling by after her pilates class–magical! How rare it is to bump into people you actually want to see. She joined us and we headed over to Pizza East at the veeeeery end of Portobello, where they serve very good, thin pizza.