The Russian

My fellow students are from Germany, Romania, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Taiwan, New Zealand, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Spain. Yesterday, in the middle of class, a Russian girl struts in wearing high-heeled boots and a huge belt buckle that reads ‘RICH.’ As the teacher talks, she starts fanning herself and saying how tired she is, having just returned from a jaunt to Sardinia.

She has high eyebrows and cheekbones and lips that match the pouty whine she uses in class. Today she wore a shirt that said ‘Gold Digger’ in glittery letters and she told us about her dog Feffi, who has a collar of crystals and sometimes drinks champagne. She fascinates me. I think the teacher is afraid of her, but Julia thinks he might be into her. Maybe it’s a little of both. But the Russian has a man.

Julia saw them in the pharmacy together and said that he is a midget twice her age who wears sparkly rhinestone necklaces in the colors of the Italian flag. Julia and the Russian made eye contact and the former said the latter seemed ashamed to be with this guy. I felt bad for her after I heard that, but what do I know. Maybe she’s perfectly happy with her situation. After all, she’s the one going on beach getaways every weekend. I saw the couple after school today smoking cigarettes. He’s probably two feet shorter than her, but in proportion, so technically not a midget. And not as old as I’d anticipated. But then again, I was very far removed from them.

Sarah Mikutel