Sono Arrivata

I have arrived–and without a hitch! You’re going to hate me when I tell you this, but I bought my round-trip ticket to Rome for $399. Add tax and fuel surcharge and it came $509, but still, that bargain is pretty insane.

Due to the cheap price, my unfamiliarity with the airline (Eurofly) and the fact that my “e-ticket” took weeks to be e-mailed to me (and was essentially a Word document with nothing but my name on it), I didn’t have high hopes for this flight. Quite frankly, I wasn’t even expecting seats. I thought they might squish us among freight or force us into indentured servitude or something. But it was a normal plane that served dinner and breakfast and even showed Sex and the City (that’s right, Keri and Lacey). They also played Alvin and the Chipmunks, so minus points for that, and Indiana Jones, which scores a neutral. And the flight took off fairly on schedule. And my flight attendant is a part-time model (just guessing).

My only complaint was my rather large neighbor snored so loudly he shook our seats. I put earplugs in under my headphones to try to block him out. There wasn’t a ton of leg room, though that didn’t bother me, and they’d only release one suitcase every five minutes in the baggage claim, but aside from that, I’d definitely recommend Eurofly. It’s based out of Milan and popular with Italians from what I could see.

When I exited the airport, a brand new black Mercedes was waiting for me in the parking lot. No joke. While part of me thought this was a very nice ride, the other part thought, “Damn it, School, a simple taxi would have sufficed!” I probably could have paid an extra week’s rent with what I spent on the car the school set up for me. But I didn’t waste time sweating it. Outside, it was 80 degrees and Lou Reed’s Perfect Day came on the radio as my driver took me to my apartment.

Sarah Mikutel