Last week, a language school in Bologna offered a 50 percent discount on Italian classes, so I went back to school. I arrived early on Monday and my teacher introduced me to a fellow student. “Oh, I know you,” he said. “You were here two months ago, right?” And I said, “Oh, now I recognize you. No, we studied together two years ago in Rome.” My how time in this small world flies! I really enjoyed being back in the classroom and realized for the first time that I actually know how to speak Italian. I’m not fluent–there’s still a ton of vocabulary, etc. that sweeps right over my head–but I can carry on a decent conversation so…goal accomplished! Now I need a new goal: fluency. : )

The above photo is of Bologna’s Feltrinelli bookstore, not school.


After a morning grammar lesson, all the students go to Bar Pioggia for a break, and then return to school for more structured conversation. Above, fellow classmates Maria (from Slovakia) and Towe (from Sweden).


What I saw on my way to and from school…