I must’ve taken the wrong tram tonight because I ended up in a strange place and had to transfer a number of times before I made it home. I was exhausted and hungry when I finally made it in the door and was snacking on raw mushroom ravioli when I noticed a note from Oriana. She came by while I was riding the rails like a hobo and left me an ice cube tray and a nice wine bottle opener—two things I had told my roommate Alina I wish I had. Can you believe it?! I was sorry that I had missed her visit. My phone lost its charge, so I couldn’t even call. Though the phone did mortify me by going off in class. A phone is ringing, ringing, and I’m looking around to see who’s it is. Then I realized everyone was looking at me. I had only purchased it 10 minutes earlier and no one had the number. Except the mobile company that texted me an ad.

Ariana, my Ukrainian roommate whom I adore, was home when I arrived. She has two grown kids who still live in the Ukraine and she decided she wanted to try something new and moved to Italy. How awesome is that? My first night here, she opened a bottle of wine for me, back when I only had a spindly little corkscrew. I knew her Eastern European strength would help me out, and she didn’t prove me wrong. I then drank half a bottle of wine and slept for 12 hours. I have made attempts to seem normal, though, and often talk about my mom, so Alina thinks I’m as sweet as apple pie.

Sarah Mikutel