Jazz, Film

For the last two weeks, the Umbria Jazz festival, held every July in Perugia, kept us busy dancing to blues, funk–pretty much everything except jazz. 

Dinner with Laura and Cristina before the final show.

The festival ended Sunday, so yesterday we went to CinemaGatti, the outdoor film festival that lasts all summer. 
We saw Public Enemy in Italian and I actually understood what was going on–yay! 

A sign in front of the jail from which John Dillinger escaped. I saw it in April when Elizabeth was giving me the grand tour of Crown Point, Indiana.

More Crown Point. Isn’t it cute?

In other news, I’m recovering from my bug injuries. Nerea got into a screaming match with the landlord and moved out (they refunded her rent), so now it’s just Cristina and me. While we’ve had fun in Perugia, we’re excited to leave the city/school/our apartment behind. We head to Rome Tuesday night and fly to Madrid on Wednesday!

Sarah Mikutel