I'm a Unicorn Bird Fish

As in New York, and many big cities, I suppose, a number of London museums stay open late on Friday and offer alcohol and fun activities for grown-ups. The other night, Belle and I went to the Victoria & Albert museum, where they were having all sorts of fashion-related workshops. In one, we waited in line for them to turn us into avant-guard paper dolls. My designer didn’t know what to do with me, so she just stuck masking tape in my hair and gave me a weird horn shadow and wings. Apparently, my look was not creative enough to make it onto their blog, which you can find at slashstroke, so I had to take the above photo of my photo. We also watched how silkscreen bags are made and got to take one home for free! 

“On Friday night we took over the William Morris room at the Victoria and Albert museum and installed our make shift “cut out- stick on fashion” workshop as part of the Friday late “Yohji at play” project. As soon as we pulled back the rope it was a non stop adrenaline rush of paper, posing and on occasions fashion. A work sheet handed out explained a route to creating a Yohji Yamamoto inspired silhouette based on scale and proportion using basic shapes, a starting point before meeting the Slashstroke team of assistants on hand with scissors and paper.  Willing collaborators indeed, it is warming to see just how far people will lend themselves to explore an idea. Quietly standing in the outfits of paper and masking tape they tentatively worked out a silhouette , a shadow projected onto a large screen that acted as the defining line between reality and imagination.  Once disrobed and untangled from the make shift outfits they left with a print of themselves transformed, delighted to have be part of a creative process.”

This is not me.