I Bought a Motorcycle!

Just kidding, that would be a nightmare for us all. However, yesterday I did attend the 2010 EICMA, International Bike and Motorbike Show, in Milan. A walking and public transportation enthusiast, I’m not that into wheels of any kind, but a friend who works for Triumph invited me, so I went to get out of my zone and try something new.

Holy ‘boys and their toys’ fantasy! All sorts of shiny new motorcycles, dirt bikes, bicycles, bike gear, you name it, were unveiled at this expo, now in its 68th year. Even I admit these bikes were beautiful, though I preferred the classic models to the new ones. I sat on one and received a tutorial on how to drive it—more complicated than I thought! Lots of pedals and gears and whatnot (I’ve never even driven a standard car). I’d love to ride on the back of one of these outside a showroomif I could get a guarantee that I wouldn’t lose a leg like my 8th-grade catechism teacher or end up in an Italian hospital like my friend Jen (this happened years ago during a Tuscan motorino trip that I was on. First and last time I was on a moving bike).

Prime Minister Berlusconi made a surprise appearance at the opening press conference, but I had just missed him. I was already on my way to Milan’s castle, Castello Sforzesco, to experience something a little less sleek and a little more my scene.