Finding a new place in Rome proved more difficult than I thought it would (craigslist is not as popular here). Saturday, I’m moving to another apartment, but unfortunately not with Italians (I’ll be with other foreign students, though I think we’ll at least have Internet). I had to have some bad news or else you guys would hate me.

I’ve enjoyed my one-one-one lessons this week. Today’s subject was cooking, but we got off topic while discussing the importance of sharing meals with other people. My teacher told me about his family, including his grandmother who was a famous actress in silent movies. She made good money, but then her crooked brother-in-law stole it all and ran off with a ballerina. And then the ballerina stole the money and ran off with another man. Eventually my teacher’s family received word that the crooked brother-in-law ended up in a mental hospital in Switzerland. And yes, this discussion was in Italian. : )

Sarah Mikutel