Five Years Ago...

Hi! Sorry about the lack of blogging. School (where I usually use the Internet) is closed on the weekends. Here’s an e-mail from my last trip to Italy five years ago. P.S. Berlusconi is president again!:

So this bee has been trying to build a home in my bookshelf. He worked on this for two days–and got pretty far–but after he left each night I threw his hive out the window. When he came back, I said, “Listen, I’m sorry, but I can’t let you continue with this project.” I haven’t seen him since. Was that mean? I feel really bad, but I can’t let bees build hives in my room. I’ve already got a lizard living somewhere around here.

Last night I went out for dinner with my friend, Elena. I attempted to say, “That pizza looks good to me,” but instead I said, “That pizza is watching me!” I laughed my ass off at this all night, to the point that Elena probably thought I was pazza. Sooo, dinner was good, nice wine, etc. Unfortunately I tried grappa for the first time. Horrible! Stay away from this!

In other news, Maria (roommate) and I get along well. Our mornings consist of her complaining about her lack of sleep, among other things. I sit there and say, “Yeah! No! I can’t believe it.” I think there is a feud going on between us and our upstairs neighbors. Maria hates them b/c their stairs are dirty and they’re too loud. During one of our first breakfasts together, she blasted the stereo to wake them up. This was a little awkward for me because I spoke no Italian at this point and could hardly figure out what was going on. It’s sort of like one of those dreams where you have to take a test for a class you’ve never been to.

Anyway, I like living in the apartment and yesterday we watched The Simpons (it’s def. not as funny in Italian if you don’t know Italian (which I don’t really, but I’m improving!)). God, I had so much to tell you guys, and now I don’t know what else to say. The fifth Harry Potter is out here–good luck to whoever reads that this summer (twice as big as the Bible!). The music channels are so much better here. We get videos from all over the world.

Oh speaking of TV, Italy’s president owns three stations, and as president, he has control over three more. Fascist much? He’s also in trouble for some shady dealings, and the gov. is trying to pass some weird law to pardon all presidents of previous crimes. He must know someone in the mafia, which is alive and well in Italy.

In Calabria, they blew up the shop of my teacher’s father b/c he didn’t want to pay. Crazy! But they leave the tourists alone. If not, delete this e-mail so I don’t end up on a hit list!! What else to say, what else to say… Simply Red is making a comeback here. There’s also this horrible new version of Light My Fire. Do you have it in the States? Jim Morrison must be spinning in his grave!!!!!

All right. Miss you all. A presto. Love, Sarah

Sarah Mikutel