Avenue C

On Avenue C, people like to hang things from things.

Like umbrellas on fire escapes.

Umbrellas on a sunny day

And junk on fences.

art at Plaza Cultural

art at plaza cultural

Walking around, it’s a mix of hipsters and Spanish speakers and you feel like you’re in Rent as well as West Side Story.

They love Obama.


But not bad murals of George W. Bush.

also a mural

At the Sunburnt Cow, you can get an all-you-can drink brunch for $18 (like Chrissy) or a surprisingly good a la carte portobello sandwich (like me). This place is super loud and dive-y, like the aftermath of a house party not cleaned up for a week, but the Australian waitstaff is nice and if you show up at noon you don’t have to wait.

Sunburnt Cow

Sarah Mikutel